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SEO Training – Frequently Asked Questions

SEO Training – Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimization abbreviated as SEO is a set of procedures followed for achieving targeted customers for your website which consequently increases the sales of your respective company. The main goal of SEO is to make your site rank top among the unpaid search page results.

What are the merits or significance of SEO?
SEO is the first and foremost element providing direct contact with the online customers.
SEO is a very good field of providing surplus profit with small investment.
Also, SEO is open for 24×7 hours all round the year and hence optimization gathers more and more potential customers.
SEO serves to be a perfect tool for augmenting sales at low cost of marketing expenditure.
SEO is compatible to any type of marketing concept and products irrespective of its familiarity.
SEO is the most effective instrument which creates a colossal impact among the Google users.
SEO is correctable and measurable and therefore can be changed to get a massive output.
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Is SEO a skill or knowledge?
SEO is definitely a skill and is not knowledge. SEO knowledge is different from SEO skills. A person having SEO skills are taken into account by reputed organizations. SEO skills can be very well developed by SEO training from SEO experts.

Who can avail SEO training?
Anyone who is interested can avail SEO training. Here are the broad categories of people who can avail SEO training.

Web developers
Business owners
Company owners

How is it helpful for the students?
As students, your dream will be to get into a good software concern or start your own business. In that case, Internet is the most accessed availability of technology. SEO is an essential part of Internet and thus its knowledge is also damn important for students. SEO plays a vital role in the life of students whatever may be the job you wish to get into. SEO is an added skill in your resume and makes you to stand unique among the other applicants. Totally, SEO marks to be a very good technical skill when considering career aspects.

How is SEO useful for a startup?
In the recent years, emergence of startup companies is very high. Everyone aims now to become an entrepreneur rather than an employee. People’s mind has changed from conventional to modern style. Thus the world has become more complicated than expected. For a startup company, popularity is very less even though they stand as best in their services. So, it is equally important to become unique to achieve targeted customers to your concern. An impressive and immense work on website optimization through SEO Experts is a solution to it. SEO serves that much in creating notorious name in this most competitive world.  SEO is surely one of the best tools to develop themselves in an efficient manner.

How is SEO useful for small/medium business?
Small and medium kinds of business are gaining its importance in current scenario because of growth. Most probably maximum number of small business owners like the textile owners don’t have an idea to promote business through Digital marketing strategies. Our world is changing to be more competitive in recent days. Thus standing to be unique is more important for rapid growth. Smart thinking is necessary to move front in the race. SEO is one such wonderful strategy for small and medium sized business people to achieve great success and fame. If you are interested in SEO training as well as customer service, you can very well believe to invest in my SEO service for further assistance and guidance.

Who else can avail SEO training?
SEO training can not only be made use of by the business people but also it includes

Part time workers
With the increasing economic growth among Indian society, many tend to do part time jobs for their being. Also, many people like to do part time job for hobby. For such part time workers and part time job interested people, SEO finds a better way on its own.

Home makers
Home makers are the strong community of people both in mind and work. They work equal to that of a man in day to day life. To move one step further, as home makers you can engage yourself in SEO activity for earning Part time money. Or else, it will be even useful in helping your spouse in business. SEO is assured to be an interesting job of growth as of today.

What will be the course duration and how many hours of training will be provided in a day?
Duration of the SEO course will be for 3 months including the project. On an average, there will be continuous SEO training for 3 to 4 hours per day. All the topics will be covered within the assured timing. SEO training of mine will be very interactive with complete exposure on the main ideas.

What will be the training fees?
Training fee is basically from 15k Indian Rupees for a single student from Rajkumar Kanagaraj. As a part of social activity, low training fees is fixed for college students from rural areas. But it is not the case with web developers, business owners and so forth personalities. Even for some students, I am offering a free training irrespective of various official issues.

What are the sections of training?
Every trainer has their own approach of teaching. as a Digital Marketer , My main motto is to make my trainee an extraordinary professional with abundant skills. Some of the subjects covered in this SEO training are

General introduction to SEO
On-page best practices
Off-page practices
Keyword research and competitive analysis
Design and architecture
Site optimization and related practices
Link building
Link baiting
SEO tools
SEO tracking
Apart from the above mentioned segments there are also quite a lot of steps for getting a real time experience.

Will you give any projects?
Projects on different subjects of SEO will be given individually. Initially, basic and simple projects will be given for implementing. Then following that, more intense training along with latest real time projects will be provided till attaining brilliance.

Will you provide any certification?
Project plays a vital part in getting your dream job in top MNCs. The projects which we offer in our SEO training are unique enough to make up to your goal. Our SEO training is all about bringing the best out of you in early hours.  On successful completion of projects, MNC recognized certificates will be awarded to the trainees.

Are you providing any online sessions?
Online classes are conducted for the benefit of far away trainees. Discrete time schedules are arranged for the online students. SEO is a perfect area which is tremendously developing day by day. SEO awareness along with incomparable training sessions is the key advantage of our training.

Will you provide any batch slots? If yes means, then how many is allowed for a single batch?
Batch slots are available with my SEO training. About 3 to 4 persons are accommodated for a single batch. Separate time periods will be allotted for individual batches to avoid muddle. Both morning and evening sessions are available with our SEO training campaigns. So, depending on the candidate’s choice, time flexibility is afforded.

Do you offer any video sessions for the trainees?
Yes, video sessions are conducted for aiding the trainees to outclass in all the optimal techniques. Both recorded and live sessions are available on Internet.

Do you provide internships?
Besides everything, I also facilitate internships for college students for 6 months. Special certificates are given for students undergoing internship after their project completion

What is the role of SEO in business development?
SEO is a great technique for attracting more and more visitors cum customers to your company site. It provides all the means to develop your business through Digital Marketing Strategies. A well structured website is important for any form of business carried out. That is because only with the website architecture and contents, your website can rank top among the webpage results of search engines. SEO is one of the finest strategies to rank your website and thereby increase your company sales. Basically Meta tags and keywords are the tools handled in SEO process to reach the apex. In order to enrich your business and develop popularity, you should hire good SEO service provider. SEO service providers are growing excess in number comparing to olden days. Online marketing along with SEO services will be a remarkable choice for best outcomes. Choose best to achieve the best.

What is the scope of SEO in career growth?
SEO is really a very good choice for career. SEO is completely a field of tremendous growth. Those who entered this job unknowingly are millionaires of today. Increased use of Internet is the main reason for the development of SEO services. SEO is an important consideration for any website in Internet. Mostly SEO is an activity associated with web development. SEO is an online digital marketing methodology used for gathering traffic towards your site. Search engine usages are very high especially Google, Bing, Yahoo are some of the commonly used engines. Therefore, nowadays the advertising and marketing business is also done through Digital service like Internet to reach crowd faster. IT companies are also increasing in its number. Every IT company comprises of website optimization as a part of their business and service activity. SEO jobs are very much available in top MNCs and other IT companies which can be attained with SEO. The salaries of SEO professionals are very high in MNCs especially and that much importance it has now. Don’t know what to prefer for career, take a good decision to be an SEO expert if you want to shine bright in a short span.

Are you providing any job opportunities for the trainees?
Job opportunity is an obvious need of any individual undergoing SEO training. Job opportunities from well reputed companies are offered for my SEO trainees. I assure you that you will shine like a moon rather than a star among the MNCs if you undergo training under my assistance.

What kind of job posts will be given for people who have undergone SEO training?
Ample of jobs are available for SEO trained candidates. SEO is an important technique to rank top among the society of business people. Some of the most important jobs offered are

Digital Marketing consultant
SEO executive
Digital specialist
Digital Marketer
SEO analyst
Web programming
Social Media analyst
Web developer
Web designer
Link building
Event management
When you gain experience SEO gives you a great career for future works. SEO is really a powerful tool to explore the most of internet availabilities.

What about SEO Salary?
In Asian countries especially in India, average salary for SEO ranges between 1.8 lakh rupees to 3 lakh rupees per annum for a one year experienced persons. Also, depending on the year of experience, company type and size, SEO salary differs. Need of SEO freshers will be on growth in the forthcoming years.